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3. Client Server - Benefits and issues


  • Central location for file storage. Users can use any workstation to access their work.
  • Central control of data backups. No need to back up the files from every workstation.
  • Authentication (e.g. username / password) are handled centrally
  • Users can even access their work area on the server from home if they have a VPN setup
  • Single software licence required, rather than one for each workstation.
  • Applications can be downloaded and patched on the server alone, requiring less time and bandwidth to keep up to date.
  • Anti-virus and other security software are handled from the server
  • Users have access to networked printers and peripherals


  • Client-server operating systems can be expensive
  • Servers are expensive.
  • Specialist staff are needed to look after the servers e.g. network manager and technician
  • A server failure can cause massive disruption to the network

Challenge see if you can find out one extra fact on this topic that we haven't already told you

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