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2. Client Server network

The first layout we will discuss is the "Client/Server" network. But what is a Server? What is a Client?


A server is a computer that is dedicated to providing some kind of service to users across a network.

A file server is used to store all of the users' files and folders in a central location. It then 'serves' these files to any connected device that requests them, provided that device has permission to access the files.

There can be any number of client workstations networked to a single file server, often using a switch or router to handle the traffic and ensure that all requests and files get to the correct location. Wi-Fi workstations connect to the client-server network by means of a Wireless Access Point.


User account details are stored on the server, so users can log on to any workstation using their account and have access to the same files. There is nothing stopping people keeping local copies of their files, but that is missing the point of having a server in the first place.

In addition to file servers, there may be other kinds of servers on a network. For example an email server that deals with the internal email system and a printer server to handle networked printers which users can access.

Challenge see if you can find out one extra fact on this topic that we haven't already told you

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