Teach-ICT Subscription Service - Terms of Use

Please read these terms and conditions in full. By setting up a subscription to the site you are agreeing to the terms that appear below.


Teach-ICT.com Subscription Service Terms of Use

1. General

1.1 Teach-ICT.com reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions at any time. Reasonable notice will be given of intended changes.
1.2 These terms and conditions supersede any previous terms and conditions published by Teach-ICT.com.
1.3 You are permitted to download, edit and amend the resources made available by the subscription service for your own non-commercial teaching purposes.
1.4 You may not use, amend, build-on or adapt any material that you have obtained from the Teach-ICT.com site with the intention of commercial gain.
1.5 The term ‘resources’ refers to the documents, spreadsheets, presentations etc specifically linked to via the subscription service. It does not include any video tutorials, theory notes on the mini-websites, swf files etc unless specifically stated otherwise.
1.6 Teach-ICT.com makes every reasonable effort to ensure the quality and accuracy of the resources published. However, errors and omissions do occur and you should not assume that the information is always accurate.
1.7 Teach-ICT.com does not accept responsibility or liability for any mistakes, errors or omissions in the material that is published on the site although we will endeavour to correct any errors brought to our attention within a reasonable amount of time.
1.8 Teach-ICT.com does not guarantee that any material published is immediately suitable or relevant for a particular syllabus or examination board. You are responsible for ensuring that any material from the Teach-ICT.com whether in its original form or adapted by yourself meets the requirements of that syllabus.
1.9 Any material downloaded by you or members of your department may be stored on the institution’s network or password protected VLE for future use.
1.10 No material whether in its original format from Teach-ICT.com or amended by yourself may be made available on any server or other storage device connected to an external network. Access must be restricted at all times only to members of the subscribing institution.

1.11 All material on the Teach-ICT.com remains the intellectual property of Teach-ICT.com and is subject to copyright legislation. Although you may adapt, amend and republish the materials on your school network or VLE you must retain the copyright notices and Teach-ICT logo in full.
1.12 You may not adapt the material to contain any content that infringes any patent, trademark, copyright or other proprietary rights.
1.13 You are not permitted to amend any material from the Teach-ICT.com to contain unlawful, threatening, abusive, hateful, racial, defamatory, libellous, obscene, vulgar, pornographic material or any other material which could give rise to any civil or criminal liability.
1.14 You are not permitted to insert programs which might damage computer systems to any of the resources originally downloaded from the Teach-ICT.com site.
1.15 Teach-ICT.com will endeavour to ensure that the service is available at all times. However, if there is an interruption in service that is beyond the control of Teach-ICT.com then we will not be liable for any refunds of the fee paid for the subscription service. If we are found liable for the unavailability of the service then our liability shall not exceed the total fee paid by you to us.
1.16 We will request information from you in order to provide the subscription service. You must provide Teach-ICT.com with the information requested. You are responsible for the accuracy and truthfulness of such information.
1.17 Teach-ICT.com makes no guarantee that:
• The service will meet your requirements
• The service will be secure, available or error free
• The quality of the resources provided will meet your expectations
• The contents of the service are free from infection by viruses or any other malware - you should rely on your own scanning policy at all times.
• Any material downloaded by you from Teach-ICT.com is done at your own discretion and that you are solely responsible for any damage that may occur to your computer system or any loss of data that might arise as a result of that download.

2. Subscription service

2.1 Once an order for the subscription service has been received by us then you have agreed that we may process your subscription and make the service available to you. At this point the order is binding and you will not be able to cancel the order or receive a refund of the amount paid.
2.2 Access to the subscription service is provided on the condition that the subscription fee has been paid.

2.3 Each subscription is for use only by members of the school department. You may divulge the User ID/password only to permanent members of your department. Once a member of the department no longer works at your institution / school they are no longer entitled to use the school user ID/password in order to access the service.
2.4 Items may be stored on your VLE or shared area so long as you have an active subscription. Should you decide not to renew your subscription, all resources must be removed..
2.5 Teach-ICT.com reserves the right to monitor the usage of the subscription service related to your user ID. If we believe that unauthorised users are accessing the service using your ID then Teach-ICT.com reserves the right to charge you an amount equal to the charges that would have been payable had each unauthorised user had their own subscription themselves.
2.6 If Teach-ICT.com reasonably believes that your ID is being used in any way not permitted by this agreement, Teach-ICT.com reserves the right to suspend your subscription immediately and block access from your User ID and possibly IP address until the matter is resolved. After resolution, if your User ID is not reinstated you will not be entitled to a refund for the part of the subscription still outstanding.
2.7 You are permitted to download a reasonable amount of resources to use within a normal teaching role. If Teach-ICT.com believes that you are systematically downloading all, or an excessive amount of materials we reserve the right to suspend your subscription.
2.8 Teach-ICT.com is continually seeking to improve the Site and the subscription service offered. Teach-ICT.com reserves the right at its discretion to make changes to any part of the Site. We will ensure that any changes do not result in the loss of functionality or access to the subscription service. 

3. Termination of the service

3.1 You can terminate your subscription to the service from Teach-ICT.com at any time by giving us notice in writing. Unless we are in breach of our obligations to you, you will not be entitled to any refund for any remaining part of the subscription term.
3.2 We will terminate your subscription service at any time on giving you notice if you commit a breach of these terms and conditions.
3.3 We will terminate your access to the subscription service at the end of the twelve month term if you fail to renew your subscription by providing us with a new purchase order.
We reserve the right to terminate your access to the subscription service if your school fails to pay the fee within a reasonable length of time following the original order.

3.4 On termination of your subscription, all resources which have been stored on your school network or VLE should be removed.

4. Technology required

4.1 The subscription service is reliant on Javascript being enabled in your browser. Therefore, you need to ensure that your department has this common browser feature enabled in order to be able to download material.