Task 1: Student Workbook

Do this:

  • Click on the Word icon to download the file
  • Save the file to your area

Write this:

  • Answer the questions in your workbook
  • You can refer to the video:
  • Or you can use the notes below (this is the basic amount of knowlege you will need)
  • Or you can learn more about this topic by reading our detailed theory notes
Read theory

Task 2: Quiz

Check your knowledge:

Task 3: Exam Practice

Test Yourself

  • Are you up to answering exam style questions?
  • Click the button to have a go
exam practice


Before Next Lesson:

  • Check with your teacher which topic you will be doing next
  • Watch the video for that topic from the Teach-ICT website
  • Make notes on the keypoints
  • Write down questions to ask your teacher in the next lesson