Web site

A web site is a set of web pages that belong to each other as one group. Each web page is linked to the others in some way. The most common way is a menu system of some sort.

Web sites are viewed using a browser.

There is almost always a 'home page' which introduces the rest of the website - the homepage will contain hyperlinks to other pages within the site.

A hyperlink that connects to a different website is called an 'external link'

Web sites can be used to advertise or sell things. They are used to inform and communicate with other people.

Web sites are usually presented in HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) but are not always written or maintained that way - some web sites are designed for mobile phones that use a different markup language.

Web sites that connect to a database have pages with a different extension to the usual .htm and .html, for example my_database_page.php. The extension tells the server that this particular page needs to be handled by the php service which may connect it to a database.

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