Web Designer

A web page is made up of code; you do not normally see this code as the browser will 'render' the code so you see is a typical web page.

If you actually want to see the code, in Internet Explorer, right click over a blank area on the web page and select 'View Source'.

But someone has to write that code in the first place. This is part of being a 'Web designer'.

The other important part of web design is to choose the images and layout of the page that the code needs to display. This is the graphical design part of being a web designer.

Web design is now becoming so complicated that you will find people specialising in a certain skill. For example a 'coder' will be mainly concerned with writing standards compliant source code, the 'graphic artist' will be concerned about how the page looks, perhaps a 'Flash designer' will embed some flash movies into the page or a 'database back-end specialist' will connect the page to a database on the server.

Of course many web sites rely on a single person to do it all, but as you can see, that person needs a number of skills.

Challenge see if you can find out one extra fact on this topic that we haven't already told you

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