Thin Client

This is not a judgment about someone's size! It simply means that the computer terminal attached to a network is not capable of running useful applications on its own. Thin clients are sometime called 'dumb terminals'.

For example many engineering networks such as CAD (Computer Aided Design) run a 'Thin Client' model.

The engineer uses a dumb terminal that allows the design to be viewed on a large monitor. The thin client is attached to a computer network. This network is running the main CAD application.
A keyboard and mouse is also attached to send commands to the CAD application.

The advantage of the 'Thin Client' model is that you can attach many (hundreds) of low cost, basic terminals to a network that is running very expensive, centrally controlled applications such as design suites.

The opposite of Thin Client is 'Fat Client'

See also Fat Client in the glossary.

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