Storage Device and Storage media

Data is stored on various 'storage media' such as DVD, CDROM, Magnetic Tape and Flash memory in its many guises such as

  • SIM card (mobile phone)
  • SD - Secure Digital - Digital Camera
  • CF - Compact Flash - Digital Camera
  • Memory Stick - general storage

These, together with their hardware readers and writers are called 'storage devices'.

On some devices there is no separation between the storage media and the device itself. For example, the 'Hard Disk' is a storage device. The media is sealed away inside a vaccuum- sealed metal casing in the form of a number of spinning magnetic disks. Another example is the wide use of Flash memory technology in the form of cards and sticks.

On the other hand other technologies separate the storage device itself from the media - Magnetic Tape and DVD / CD-ROM


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