A video format.

Short for "Motion Picture Experts Group". These are the people who were tasked with coming up with a new video standard.

The problem with pure video data is that the files are truly huge - hundreds of gigabytes for a high quality hours'-worth of programme.

So video is normally 'compressed' for storage or before being passed through a network.

MPEG-4 is a 'lossy-compression' method which means a lot of the original data is thrown away - but the trick is to only throw away data in such a way that you do not notice a drop in video quality.

This standard describes how the video is to be compressed and de-compressed. Video files compressed with this standard will have a file extension of .mpeg

About 120 minutes of video, compressed with MPEG-4, can be stored on a DVD disk

See also MP3 which is an audio compression standard.

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