IF Statement

A 'conditional statement' often used within a spreadsheet.

An IF statement checks to see if a statement is true or false and then does one of two things depending on the result.

It looks like this in Excel.

=IF(Condition check,Do this if true, Do this if false)

For example consider this formula written in spreadsheet cell B1:

=IF(A1 > 0, "Profit","Loss")

This checks to see if the value of cell A1 is more than zero. If it is, then the word "Profit" appears in cell B1 otherwise the word "Loss" appears.

You can also create more complicated IF statements by placing another IF statement within the first one. This is called a 'Nested IF' and looks like this: =IF(Condition,IF(Condition,This_if true, This if false),This if false)

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