Short for Floating Point operations per Second

This is a measure of the calculation power of a computer. The higher the FLOPS the more powerful the computer.

A single FLOP is not useful at all for describing the performance of a computer because they operate so very, very quickly.

Instead, the metric system is used to add to the speed of a paltry FLOPS, These are

  • megaFLOPS, 1 million floating point operations per second (useful for control systems such as a washing machine controller)
  • gigaFLOPS, 1 thousand million floating point operations per second (the type of speed of a personal computer)
  • teraFLOPS - 1 thousand gigaFLOPS. The start of the supercomputer range of computer performance
  • petaFLOPS - 1 thousand teraFLOPS. This is the current range of the most powerful computers in the world.

See also Floating point

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