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Email is short for 'Electronic Mail'.

Electronic mail is a form of communication where mainly text based messages are exchanged by using computers attached to a network.

Email can also include attachments such as a PDF document or an image file.

Another common feature is the 'email link' embedded within the email itself. For example, a newsletter email may contain many email links that upon clicking, send the browser off to a remote server page.

Extreme caution! Email links are notorious for fooling people into clicking on to malware or scam sites pretending to be a legitimate web site.

For instance an 'urgent' email message might say 'Your account has been compromised - we will disable your account unless you click on the link below' type of thing - of course they may then take you to a legitimate-looking form asking for your login details. Be very, very careful of this kind of thing.

The best advice is to never click on a convenient link within an email - instead type in the correct relevant URL directly in the browser.

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