A graphing term.

Axis are a fundamental part of any graph.

An axis shows a number of values for a single important part of the data along a single line.

The very simplest graph is a single axis with a number of items along it. For example a temperature axis would have a single axis set out in degrees. A real thermometer is effectively a single axis graph.

The more common form of graph has two axis, each at right angles to one another. This means the graph can represent two aspects of the data at the same time. For example a two axis graph of the temperature around the country could have a horizontal axis of locations and a vertical axis of temperature.

It is also possible to show three parts of the data set by using three axis offset by a suitable angle from one another. This would be called a '3D' graph.

A spreadsheet application often uses its graphing capabilities to show data in an user-friendly manner.

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