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CPU Performance: Lesson PPTs - standard and flipped


Lesson theory

This ppt can be used to deliver the theory for this topic. This is the bare bones of the theory required and you will either need to expand upon the points within your delivery or refer students to our theory section (HERE)

We have provided many additional starter/plenary and lesson tasks which you could use to accompany this theory.

Alternatively, there is also a lesson set up for students via the student home page.


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Lesson theory flipped

If you prefer to use a flipped learning approach with your students, this ppt can be used to support the delivery of the content for this topic.

To go with this ppt we have provided a lesson for students with the resources they need - available via the student home page.


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Workbook and answers

This workbook accompanies the lesson PPTs and the student lesson

(subscription only)

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