Technology news stories December 2014

Skype users to get real-time language translating tool

Dutch data watchdog threatens Google with 12m fine

Tech rivals join Microsoft in fight over US data demand

Jeans made that will prevent 'digital pickpocketing'

Google considers warning internet users about data risks

Mobile firms and government agree deal to reduce 'not-spots'

Deal forcing Microsoft to offer browser choices ends

Degree apprenticeships launched to boost hi-tech skills

Antarctic sub gauges sea ice thickness

Robots face new test of creative abilitiest

Google launches ad-free net experiment

Older children turn to online TV viewing

Inflatable baby incubator wins James Dyson Award

Microsoft headset to help blind people navigate cities

Tech giant Intel backs schoolboy inventor

Jawbone Up3 promises more accurate sleep-tracking data

Government crackdown on mobile 'notspots'

Facebook's government user data requests up 24%




Met Office to build 97m supercomputer

Digital hearing aids 'distort recorded music'

Hungarians march against draft internet taxr

Google is developing cancer and heart attack detector

Theresa May: We need to collect communications data 'haystack'

BBC's Genome Project offers radio and TV archive listings

UK child coders triumph in European contest

Railways 'dead zones' for mobiles, report reveals

Twitter starts timeline 'experiments' and in-app streaming

BBC to publish 'right to be forgotten' removals list

Meerkat-cam uses TV white space

Comedy club charges per laugh with facial recognition

Bionic arm restores sense of feeling

Bar disruption: Pubs get a hi-tech makeover

A computing revolution in schools

Google launches 'Camel View' in United Arab Emirates


Technology news videos

3D Obama: The first 3D scanned portrait of a US president

Are robots set to take over from retail staff?

Antarctic sub gauges sea ice thickness

How a robot could help to fight the spread of Ebola'

Robots 'helping autistic pupils build social skills'

PetCube's promise: Play games with your pet remotely

Smart glasses light up for messages

UK drones: Concern over increase in use

Virtual reality is at 'year zero'

New UK gaming centre 'about cultural confidence'

The 'magic glass' that fixes bad eyesight

The 'Harry Potter' password replacement

How to build a 'cat camera'

Using white space to watch giant tortoises

Making social networking a real-life reality

Intel intern invents lifesaving 'smart' wheelchair

Green phone boxes to charge mobile phones in London

Smartphone beacons beckon you on London's Regent Street

When does internet radio become art?

Digital 'Magna Carta'

Could virtual reality help build better cities?

Playing music with your brain

Coding: Ten-year-old computer programmer backs school change

Vibrating cane to help blind people

School's anonymous messaging app to tackle bullying

Finger scanner for internet banking launched by Barclays

Ifa 2014: Is there a better battery life to come?

Smartphone app 'helps autistic users alleviate stress'


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