Useful resources

Spoof Websites

Students are generally very quick to believe everything they see and read on the web.

Get them to look at this selection of websites and see how many actually cotten onto the fact that they are wind-ups.

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Project Ideas

Students often struggle to come up with a theme to base their project around.

Here is a comprehensive list of ideas that are all based on contentious issues

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End of unit test

A chance to check how much students have understood from this unit of work by giving them a prepared test.

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Cover Lesson

Cover lesson for unit 8.3

Jon Bridgeman of Finham Park School has kindly contributed a cover lesson for this unit.

Each lesson comes with a pupil worksheet and a guidance sheet for the teacher. The guidance sheet is designed to be used by the cover teacher and will explain how the students should approach the tasks. It also gives guidance on internet usage and SEN.

Please note that there may be references on the sheets to Jon's school network directory structure so you wil have to change these to suit your particular network and file system

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Effective internet use and research techniques

Core rules of netiquette

This is a superb resources which draws attention to how people should behave and interact when using the Internet.

It would be well worth the time going through this document with all students.

Kindly contributed by Ritchie King

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Researching the Internet

We all know that many students don't use the Internet effectively.

This four page resource guides students in research techniques that will make their time online more productive.

Kindly contributed by Ritchie King

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Web page evalutation checklist

This is an excellent checklist whic could be used with students to encourage them to evaluate the websites they are using.

All too often our students don't question what they are seeing online and this is a skill which we need to help them develop.

Kindly contributed by Ritchie King

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