Audacity Tutorials

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13 video tutorials for Audacity showing the basic skills needed to use this software.

These Audacity tutorials can be uploaded to your VLE or shared area (subscription only)

Tutorials cover:

  • Adding a sound clip to Audacity
  • Adding a second sound clip
  • Getting a sound track to repeat
  • Deleting part of a sound track
  • Adding silence before a sound track
  • Fading sounds in or out
  • Muting a sound track
  • Changing voice pitches on a sound track
  • Changing the volume of a sound track
  • Adding a blank audio track
  • Deleting a sound track
  • Zooming in and zooming out of a sound track
  • Exporting the audacity project as a .wav
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NOTE: These are the only video tutorials which may be loaded to your school network/VLE. All other tutorials must be accessed from the teach-ict site.