Microsoft Access

Starting Off

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new database
Creating a new database
importing data from txt file
Importing data from a text file


Creating Tables

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setting datatypes Data types - setting them
design view Design view - changing from datasheet view
field length Field length
indexed field Indexed field
primary key Primary key
drop down list Drop down list
adding records Records - adding them to the table



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required field Required field
input mask Input mask using a wizard
validation rule Validation rule and text - to allow a specific choice of options e.g. male or female



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creating relationships Creating a relationship
deleting relationships Deleting a relationship



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wizard Creating a form using the wizard
customising Customising your form
macro buttons Macro buttons
adding a missing field Missing field - how to add one to your form
video tutorial for creating a subform Subforms
switchboard Switchboard - creating one
setting switchboard Switchboard - setting it to be the opening screen


Finding and sorting data

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filter Filter
sorting Sort


Setting up Queries

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simple query Query with one table
from more than one table Query with more than one table
adding field to query Adding a field to an existing query
or query Or query
not query NOT query
is null IS NULL query - to find blank records
between dates Between two dates query
wildcard Wildcard


Setting up Reports

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setting up Using wizard to create a report