1. Role of the client

3.3.5 (a) describe the involvement of the client when a custom written computer-based information system is to be produced


In any project of non-trivial size there are two main players. Namely

  • The Client
  • The Developer

It is the client who seeks a new system or an improvement to an existing one. Hopefully they have an idea of exactly what they want. But in reality, they often cannot explain what they want in sufficient detail - at least to begin with.

The role of the developer is to meet with the client and translate their requirements into a form that can be implemented by the development team.

As the project develops and passes certain 'milestones', 'gateways' or 'phases', the developer continues to meet with the client to ensure that the project remains in line with their requirements.

The Systems Life Cycle has a defined set of such phases.