7. Advantages of a domestic network

Given the domestic scenario on the previous page, here are some of the advantages of the suggested solution:

Advantages of domestic network
Combines both cabled and wireless network in order to get the speed advantage of a cabled system and the portability of a wireless system.
All the family can share the internet connection
Devices such as a NAS can hold files and multimedia content without the need for computers to be on all the time
DLNA certified devices such as some modern televisions can accept streaming digital content from a multimedia server
Proprietary systems such as wireless HiFi distribution and playback is also possible. With content streaming from an online service.
Parents can use a parental control application to keep an eye on what the child is doing on the computer and the time they are spending on it.
Operating system updates and regular anti-virus updates can be received automatically via the internet, so increasing security and capability of their devices
Non-computer devices such as network enabled television and an eReader can use the network to receive online content.
Peripherals such as a printer can be shared


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