6. Scenario: Family network

Scenario: A family with young children is moving into a new house. They want the network for both light office use and for entertainment. Devices requiring connection include computers, smart phone such as the iPhone as well as a tablet computer and an eBook reader. Discuss their options for a home network

The network they might opt for could be a part-wired, part wireless solution.

The ethernet wired part connects two computers in the study by network cable to the router. The router is also wireless enabled. The high speed (Gigabit) wired part of the network allows them to use the network in the same way as an office, namely files or directories are speedily shared - wireless is far slower.

The router also acts as a DHCP host that issues a network address to each device as they connect to the network.

The wireless connection allows the smartphone (e.g. iPhone) and tablet (e.g. iPad) to connect to online services without incurring the typical cost of 3G data downloads.

The eReader can connect through the wireless network to an online bookstore. This allows the family to purchase books online and download them to their local devices. If they have more than one e-reader, they can pay for one book and download their purchase to every family member's e-book, thus sharing the value of the book..

The network might also include a NAS (Network Attached Storage) device. This will allow them to share music, videos, images and files even when some computers are switched off. It will also stream digital multimedia content to any DLNA certified device such as their new network-enabled TV.

They might opt to join a music streaming service and want this to be available in every room. They will want high quality streaming that is not affected by the main wireless system and so they might also buy a wireless HiFi distribution system such as 'Sonos' that is a linked to the router and has its own proprietary wireless technology.

The parents will want to ensure their children are only able to access appropriate content by using a parental control application such as 'Net Nanny'.


challenge see if you can find out one extra fact on this topic that we haven't already told you

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