5. Disadvantages of the student network

Considering the previous scenario, here are some of the potential disadvantages of the solution:

Disadvantages of student network
Unequal data speed usage may be a problem where one person hogs the bandwidth thus slowing down the rest of the household
A central printer might lead to arguments if one person is a heavier user than the others. Individual Ink jet printers might work out to be more expensive overall but they will probably save arguments
Wireless may not be able to cover the whole house due to thick walls etc. A WAP repeater is a possible solution. Or use a mains ethernet network
Unlikely to be allowed to run network cables in a rented property should they want high speed (Gigabit) ethernet rather than 54Mbps wireless
If one machine becomes infected due to a non-installed or out of date anti-virus application then all the other connected machines could also be harmed.
The router may not have enough ports. But a solution would be to buy a network switch as well.
The download data allowance in the ISP contract must not be exceeded or they incur extra charges and / or network throttling.


challenge see if you can find out one extra fact on this topic that we haven't already told you

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