15. Disadvantages of a peer-to-peer work network

Here are some of the potential disadvantages of the solution:

Disadvantages of work network
Having access to the internet may lead to staff being distracted with non-work related activity - with a small self-owned business, it is more down to self discipline than having to have written policies.
Sensitive customer details must be kept private and secure as per the Data Protection Act
Work stations, desks and chairs need to be ergonomic to avoid work-related injury such as RSI
High performance business class equipment, such as fast network switches, are more expensive than domestic grade equipment.
Not having a central server means work files are stored on separate computers, making backup and avoiding duplication more awkward.
Energy costs need to kept under control by making sure computers, screens and printers are switched off or hibernated at the right time
Need to keep track of data useage if renting cloud based services as part of the network. You pay for every bit transmitted and processes run on the cloud.
If the internet connection is down, this can cause serious disruption to the business, especially if cloud based services are used. Perhaps multiple internet connections to multiple ISPs is a solution.

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