14. Advantages of a peer-to-peer work network

Given the business scenario in the previous page these are some of the potential advantages of the solution:

Advantages of work network
Peer-to-peer is simpler and cheaper to set up than a client server network
A high speed (20Mb+) connection makes it practical to use many online cloud services such as virtual servers.
Web based email service allows you to access email from anywhere - important if you are out of office a lot or work from home.
Operating system and software updates can be received automatically from the internet.
Staff can access the internet for (largely) work related purposes.
Archiving and backup can be carried out over the network as well as using a cloud based service for off-site backup.
A commercial remote PC access service can be used to run your networked computers from a remote location.
Staff can share heavy duty peripherals such as a colour laser printer or scanner

challenge see if you can find out one extra fact on this topic that we haven't already told you

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