Ideas for school visits

No matter how good your lessons are nothing can give students the same experience as going on a school visit to see how ICT is used in the workplace, in the leisure industry or in a social setting.

It can be hard to find the time both to arrange a visit and to take students out of a busy teaching schedule. However after having been on a few myself, it really is worth making the effort.

We have listed a few ideas for places to visit below. This is by no means a comprehensive or exhaustive list. Please contact us and let us know of any organisations you have visited. We can then add them to the list.


Imagineering Jaguar Land Rover Business Partnership Centre

Land Rover, Solihull

Cadbury World, Bournville

North West

The Media Museum, Bradford

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Manchester Airport


Thorpe Park

South East

Bletchley Park Computer Museum, Milton Keynes

Royal Navy, Portsmouth


South West

Goonhilly Earth Station, Cornwall


W5, Northern Ireland

Other Suggestions

A local BT call centre

They may be willing to show you how their call centre works. Ask them to explain their queuing systems, how they monitor what calls are in the queue, how many have been answered, how many have hung up etc. Ask them to explain how they deal with personal data.

A Royal Mail sorting office

Phone up and see if they will show you how they make use of automated equipment to sort the letters.

A large local supermarket

Ask if they can explain how their stock control system works and/or how they make use of EPOS.

A local radio or TV station

They might be willing to show you around the studios and explain how radio programs are produced and broadcast.

A local newspaper

This could be an interesting visit. See if they would be willing to show you how ICT is used to write, edit and produce the final newspaper.

Local town

Arrange a visit to examine how car parks are using computer control to count the number of free spaces and how the barriers respond to cars.

Perhaps take a look at some of the shops in the high street and discuss different use of ICT technology.

A local cinema

Many local cinemas are happy to arrange a school visit. Talk to them and see whether they would be willing to explain how technology is used front of house from issuing tickets, displaying film titles and in the shop. They may also be able to show you the technology used to show the films.

Local library

Most libraries will be happy to show students how they use ICT to monitor books in stock, lent out and on order. They will be able to explain how their database works to see whether a book is available at another library. They should also be able to demonstrate RFID technology.


Most universities have computer science departments. Many will have specialist departments such as cybernetics. If you contact the university they will probably be willing to arrange a useful and informative trip for your students.



Dance with robots or visit cyber world. Or how about adventures in 3D animation?

Arrange this as a cross curricular trip with your MFL department


Visits for Computer Control

Drayton Manor

A wealth of rides that use control technology can be studied as well as being tried out!

Visit the haunted house and see how computer control is used there.

Drayton Manor
Alton Towers

A wealth of rides that use control technology can be studied as well as being tried out!

Alton Towers
Euro Disney


Euro Disney
Eden Project

The space age bubbles in the depths of Cornwall

Eden Project

Other suggestions:

  • Science Museum, London




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