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Teach-ICT Resource Subscription Service


Would you like access to over 8,000 resources to help with your ICT and Computing lessons?

Then join our subscription service!

With the new curriculum now containing computing and programming, this is an excellent time to take advantage of our latest resources geared towards this new syllabus.

We offer a 12 month subscription period and a 3 year subscription period.


This is especially good value, offering a saving of £199 over the period.


A subscription allows you and/or members of your department to:

  • have access to over 8,000 resources* in an editable format (more added every week)
  • adapt, change and amend the resources to suit your own requirements
  • upload the resources* to your VLE or shared area**
  • many new resources will only be available to subscribers
  • new resources published every week on the site

*Does not include the products produced by David Phillips

GCSE Computing Resources

This section currently contains over 1,250 lesson resources which are only available to those who have a subscription. The resources are complemented by the free GCSE Computing mini-webs on our site that have been written to follow the OCR GCSE Computing specification. They are of course also very relevant to other exam boards.



GCSE ICT Resources

There are currently over 2,500 lesson tasks, starters and plenaries in this section which are only available to those who have a subscription. 

Not only do they save hours of planning time, there are a large variety of tasks which can be used to keep lessons lively.


Key Stage 3 Schemes of Work

There are currently 32 complete SoW available on the site.  Considering that each SoW takes in excess of 40 hours to write, not only are they incredibly good value for money, they will save you and your staff literally hours of planning. 

Each SoW includes detailed lesson plans with lesson objectives, starter activities, plenaries, lesson and homework tasks. 

A spreadsheet is provided on which easily enables you to see which PoS are covered by the SoW, thus aiding you to compile your long-term plan for years 7, 8 and 9.

A subscription gives you access to all of the documents in an editable format so that you can tailor them to your own specific needs. 

The SoW can be used to show SMT or Ofsted detailed evidence of lesson planning.


A Level ICT Resources

There are currently over 2,000 lesson resources in the AS and A2 section which are only available to those with a subscription.  They will save many hours of planning time.

These resources have been specifically written at the correct level for AS and A2 students and they can be used to support your own classroom teaching or they can be used to set cover work or homework.  

Although these resources have been written to cover the OCR A level ICT, the majority of them can be used ‘as is’ to cover the same topics for other exam boards.  Eventually, separate sections will be developed for specific exam boards.



One Off Lessons

We all have times at the end of a project or half-term where we want to do something different from the norm. but at the same time, ensure that students are engaged in meaningful work.

This section contains approximately 50 one-off-lessons that can just be picked up and used. Only available to subscribers.



Technology Case Studies

There are currently almost 100 case studies, based on recent technology news stories, which are only available to subscribers.

It is essential that A level students have a comprehensive knowledge of the use of ICT and technology in the wider world.  Case studies are a superb way of helping to develop this knowledge and understanding.  They also make excellent extension and homework tasks.



Resource Subscription Service   1 Year  

(full year from date account is set up)

£199 + vat

Resource Subscription Service   3 years for the price of 2
(Just £132.66 a year)    


£398 + vat


How to place an order

ORDER BY POST OR FAX (Our Fax number is: 01926 800023)

Invoice with 30 day credit terms (UK Schools only)

Please use the order forms to either Fax or Post an order to us

download file

order form

download file

(pdf version)



phone us for immediate order

Please telephone 01766 780828 during office hours (Mon-Fri 9am - 5pm)

From overseas +44 1766 780828

or ONLINE ORDER & PAYMENT (You do not have to have a Paypal account - they take credit and debit cards also)

Resource subscription service   1 Year  

(full year from date account is set up)

£199 + vat

Resource subscription service 3 years for the price of 2

(Just 132.66 per year)    

£398 + vat


Alternative for overseas customers

Alternative for overseas schools

A pro-forma invoice can be issued to enable a bank transfer or cheque to be raised.

We will wait until the bank transfer is confirmed before setting up the subscription.




Does a subscription mean that I get everything on the site?

The term 'Resources' refers to Word, Publisher, Excel, PowerPoint etc resource files. It does not refer to the free theory content of the 'mini-websites' nor to any of the free video tutorials throughout the site unless specified that they are for subscribers. It also does not include the packages which are for sale seperately in the shop, for example the A2 lecture videos.

Can you send me a DVD with the resources so that I don't have to download them individually?

The subscription service is for you to access resources as you need them and not to provide a copy of the site in its entirety. Please be aware that we do not provide copies of the site or sections from the site on disks.

Can you put the schemes of work into a zip?

The SoW are not provided as a zip file because of the javascript used to protect them. It often results in zip files containing more than a couple of documents to have download errors and to be empty upon extraction.

Can I have an individual rather than a department subscription?

Not at the moment. Inevitably if a subscription were to be purchased as an individual then the resources would be taken into school and put onto the network for students. This then makes them available for all staff in the department and thus no longer just being used by an individual.

Can I cancel my subscription if I don't want it?

Subscription accounts cannot be cancelled once set up. This is because the resources are digital downloads. Once they have been downloaded, even if the subscription is cancelled, the individual will inevitably retain ownership of the items.

Can I have a trial?

You don't really need a trial for the site as a large number of resources are available to view and use in a non editable form (they cannot be saved to your computer/network).  Thus, you could look at most of the SoW in the KS3 area and assess whether they would be useful to you.

For example, here are links to a couple of SoW:

Sequencing instructions:

What happens if I decide not to renew my subscription?

The resources from Teach-ICT may be stored on your VLE or shared area so long as you have an active subscription. The subscription provides you with a licence to store, adapt and use the resources. Should you decide not to renew your subscription, you no longer have a licence and all resources must be removed.






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